Isomer - Portofolio Template

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Isomer - Portofolio Template

This one WordPress template designed by, this theme is designed with Bootstrap 3, a template this created for Premium free. and in design For a portfolio agency or portfolio,

 This item included some parts:

 1. Header. 

The top of the website or website, and in some menu, Home, blog, portfolio etc.

2. Post-Portfolio .

This section is located on the homepage of the website, the part of Text Portfolio, the tab menu, and the important post portfolio in the form of columns, the column consists of 4 x 2.

 3.Update Post 

This section of the site looks like a blog review, but the image section looks bigger and coupled with the presence of the read more buttons there are interesting

 4. Custom Styling

This section adds this portfolio template to be more responsive, where this section is used for Categorize your website, this section is used for the website, the second part we usually use for categories of websites like, about us, and the third part for the latest post.

 5. Footer.

Template this portfolio footer part is the last part, and this section we usually put copyright website