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4 Tips For Creating An Amazing Law Firm Website

Running a law firm is a tough job on its own already. You can make things significantly easier on your end by letting a website do most of the work for you.

A good law firm website will help you bag clients more consistently. It can also serve as a means of communication between you and your future clients. Of course, creating an effective law firm website isn’t as simple as it sounds. Here are a few tips you need to consider if you’re up to it.

1. Keep A Formal Tone

There are many things to look for on a law firm’s website. One of those is a sense of professionalism. It’s hard to trust a law firm if its website doesn’t take itself too seriously.

That said, you should consider how your website looks first.

The good news is that there are many great templates on platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and more. You don’t need to worry about creating a professional-looking website as these themes get the job done for you.

All you have to worry about next is the font and color.

For fonts, it’s safe to use serif fonts like Times New Roman, Georgia, Courier New, Baskerville, and Garamond. That doesn’t mean that san serif fonts are out of the question, though. If you’re going for san serif fonts, pick simple ones such as Arial, Calibri, or Verdana.

The color entirely depends on you. However, most law firm websites feature red, black, and gold as primary colors. If you’re going for a specific branding, stick with the colors of your law firm instead.

2. Run A Blog

A blog is imperative for a law firm’s website for many reasons.

For one, a blog is a means to help you establish your authority in the field of law. If you publish high-quality and informative law-related blogs on your website, you can be linked as a source by other websites. A good backlinking profile is an excellent way to begin building your SEO efforts.

Blogs are also the lifeblood of content marketing campaigns. Say a person has a legal question he searched for on Google. If one of your blogs answers that question, they’ll be able to see it on Google if its SEO is great.

As you bring in more readers through natural search results, you are also increasing the exposure of your website. That exposure can lead to more clients in the future.

3. Don’t Forget Your CTA

A CTA or a call-to-action is basically a button that leads to a page where there’s a direct goal. In the case of a law firm website, a CTA could lead to an appointment scheduling page.

It is one of the most important elements of your law firm website as it can generate leads on your end.

When making a CTA, the button should be visible. Place it in a strategic area where people will definitely see it. You can place one at the top of the page next to the other buttons. Try placing another one at the bottom as well, so people don’t have to scroll up to get to the CTA.

As for the text in the CTA, it has to be something that’s enticing for your visitor. “Book An Appointment Now!,” “Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation,” and “Seek Legal Advice Now!” are all great eye-catching phrases for your CTA.

4. Establish Your Credibility

This is a law firm! People are going to want to see the lawyers behind the firm, as well as their credentials.

You should dedicate a page to the founder or at least some of the lawyers under the employ of the firm. Aside from putting up a photo of them, you should also include their accomplishments and complete background.

Establishing trust and credibility early on will decrease the bounce rate of your website and increase your chances of securing a new client.

Creating a law firm for a website can be challenging. With these tips however, you should be able to create one that can increase your clients even by a small margin.

We highly suggest having a professional web builder do the website as they know the trends and requirements that people have when it comes to such websites.